Grapple was created by a team of five people at the University of Texas at Dallas. We work hard to make sure Grapple is fun and exciting.

Tuesday Society

Sam Tuggle has been an avid gamer for as long as he can remember. Starting with the NES at the tender age of 4. He is going to UTD to learn to create the games he enjoys. Sam is the primary programmer on Grapple. He works on all of the mechanics and how they function within the game.

Brian Chancellor is a competitive gamer. A game must challenge him in order to be fun. Brian has a crippling fear of being alone so he prefers multiplayer games. He has loved platformers ever since Donkey Kong Country. Brian is the primary UI designer. He created all the menu’s and HUD found in Grapple.

Alex Rothenberg is obsessed. He plays games like he will die tomorrow. With thousands of hours in both TF2 and WoW, he is a formidable player. Alex is the primary level designer. He creates and polishes the levels found within Grapple.

Andrew Grant loves games and music. He has had every gaming console since he was born. He is the founder of Roof Dog Records, a record label designed exclusively for canines on top of buildings. Andrew is our music composer. He created all the tracks you hear while playing the game.

Marvin Whitehurst is the youngest member of the team. He started playing games with Super Mario World at the age of 3. He too loves a challenge. Marvin has a piercing distaste for losing. Marvin is our sound effects creator. He is responsible for all the noises the gooball makes and the noises in each level.

Stephen Firth is the PR guys for Grapple. He’s great.