About Game

The Game

Grapple is an exciting 3D platformer for PC. In Grapple you play as a blob of goo exploring outer-space. The blob must reach the black hole at the end of each level in order to continue his exploration. Every level can be beaten multiple ways.


Fling, swing and climb across everything in Grapple. Different surfaces react differently to the gooball. Grapple is as fast paced as you want to play it. With multiple checkpoints and unlimited lives your skill is the only thing slowing you down.


What is the point of Grapple?

The point of Grapple is to create a highly rewarding platforming experience in which the player is challenged by a variety of levels.

What is the gooball’s name?

The name is shrouded in mystery. Some call him Goobert, Goober, Globfrey, or Gretchen. You can name it whatever you like as long as it starts with G.

How long will Grapple be?

Grapple will be around 100 levels or 6 hours of gameplay.

When will Grapple be release?

When it is done and hopefully on Steam. Vote for us on Steam Greenlight!

If you had to describe Grapple in one sentence what would it be?

Spiderman in space.